Adjustable jade necklace with enameled flower

Round cut jade beads in a darker shade of green (appreciated for guarding its wearer against accidents and misfortune) are found on the lowest strand; cherry red natural coral beads on the center strand and round jade beads in an opaque pale green finish off the top-tier of this adjustable necklace. A handmade metalwork base and flower are coated in lichen green and fire-red enamel respectively, and serve as a unique focal piece. Each enamel piece is hand-formed; coated in vitreous enamel and torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees. Dark brown genuine leather cording completes the look.

This look was inspired by the appeal of vintage green milk glass bowls filled with fresh cherries – pictured here. Great when paired with a sundress or used to brighten a pale winter sweater. 87c326d12a2ebf04cd28e6c3d0c39e14


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