adjustable necklace with jasper and enameled flowers

Impression Jasper rondelles (appreciated for providing its wearer with inner peace, clarity and compassion) are found on the lowest strand; fire polished Czech glass in root beer on the center strand and round Czech glass in opaque pale turquoise finishes off the top tier of this necklace. Handmade metalwork flowers coated in lichen and beryl green enamel are affixed to a reclaimed silver plated spoon handle and serve as a unique focal piece. Each enamel piece is hand-formed; coated in vitreous enamel and torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees. Pale turquoise knotting cord and genuine leather cording complete the look. The beads are free-flowing on the strands so that they move with you.

The color choices for this piece were influenced by the photo below. This necklace is easy to wear and looks great whether you dress it up or wear it with your favorite pair of jeans and cowboy boots.



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