recycled beauty

Butter knives with enamled flowers

Recycled from Grandma’s kitchen – are two silver plated butter knives that are formed into cuff bracelets. Handmade metal work flowers are coated in vitreous enamels in two different shades green and torch-fired at 1500 degrees to produce the luster finish you see.

The enamel flowers are attached to the cuff bracelet with micro-screws to complete the look. Please specify the color you would like: either turquoise or lime green.



sterling silver, hand hammered earrings with enamel dangles

These earrings are like your favorite pair of jeans, boots or a softly worn leather belt. Hand-hammered earrings are formed and manipulated from sterling silver wire. The enamel dangle pieces are also hand formed and torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees. They’ve been added to give just a hint of color.

The inspiration for these lovelies is the photo below. Well worn, light weight and comfortable will come to mind as these earrings grace your ears. Dress up with your favorite long skirt and boots or down – with your favorite t-shirt and jeans.



blue buckle


Not a leather wrap bracelet, but one that buckles. Comfortable and soft to wear. Accented with torch-fired sky blue enamel flowers. Using several different vitreous enamel colors and a torch to create a soft, yet appealing color of blue. Great for everyday wear.

Inspiration can come from others who create beauty as well. This piece displays the same dessert colors and is hand woven. It’s what inspired my bracelet.



fall leaves

leather wrap bracelets with enameled flowers

Fall can be a new beginning and a time to experience things that are warm and comfortable. There soft leather wrap bracelets invoke both feelings of warmth, through the use of color, and comfort in the rich dark brown leather. The enamels are torch-fired at more than 1500 degrees to preserve the colors that mother nature hides from us most of the year.

Fall is a great time of color and no better way to be inspired than by the photo shown here.